After started its career in 1998 as a Credit Analyst at Fortis Bank in the risk department, Benjamin Sabahi participated in several primary and secondary LBO transactions as part of the bank’s Acquisition Finance department. It then joined Fortis’s Credit Research as a Sell Side Analyst in 2003 where he was on charge of the coverage of several sectors including Telecoms, Media, Healthcare and Chemicals. He participated to several new issues where Fortis was the lead arranger. In 2017, Benjamin intended to improve its skills and knowledge of the European HY market. He joined Exane as a Sell Side credit analyst and progressively handled Exane’s Corporate Credit Research. He set up and managed the Ellipsis High Yield fund during two years. Meanwhile, Benjamin consistently managed Exane HY Prioriry list, Exane’s top HY Buy / Sell recommendation and participated in several roadshows across Europe for HY funds, Hedge funds, Private Banks or family offices. Its expertise spans from straight bonds, convertible bonds to derivatives products such as CLN notes or delta one baskets made of HY bonds. Benjamin joined Spread Research to lead the European High Yield Research in January 2018.