Timely "Live" Research Responsiveness


Quarterly & Financial Models


Investment Recommendation - Opinion driven




Market Analysis


Fundamental Analysis – Spread Research’s core expertise

Timely "Live" Research Responsiveness
  • Direct access to analysts: conference calls, one-to-one Meetings and Quarterly comments – easily accessible for our clients in Europe and across the world.
  • Open Bloomberg ® chat room for our analysts to comment on our Daily News and publications.
  • Customized email alerts for clients to receive our analytical comments, analysis and credit views.
  • Online Credit Database: over 12,000 historical data, reports and opinion on about 200 European bond issuers.
Quarterly & Financial Models
  • Key figures: table with key financial ratios – available in Excel format.
  • Quarterly Results Analysis: detailed quarterly comments and our analysts’ opinions evaluating the financial situation of the companies.
  • Forecast financial Model: 3-year forecast and a quarterly forecast (revenue & EBITDA) for the next earning periods on all financial ratios, our recovery analysis, the capital structure and a liquidity analysis of the company for the next 3 years – available in Excel format.).
Investment Recommendation - Opinion driven
  • Model Portfolio: our analysts update daily the performance of a model high yield bonds portfolio and provide their credit view on each line.
  • New Issue Theoretical Pricing: following the Primary market Snapshot and New Issue Comment, our analysts define a theoretical spread for each new issue.
  • Quarterly Sector Recommendation: peers relative value & credit view on high yield bond issuers.
  • Trade of the Week & Top Picks Top Pans: Our high convictions and credit views.
  • Unsolicited Short-Term and Long-Term ratings
  • Solicited Short-Term and Long-Term ratings
  • Credit Opinion on Private Placements
  • Corporate assessment for CVCs
  • Rating of subsidiaries for CVCs (IFRS)
  • Assessment of Convertible bonds rates for tax administration purposes
Market Analysis
  • Newsflow & Weekly Recap: what you need to know every day on the European High Yield, Convertible and Cross Over Bonds Markets.
  • Recovery & Refinancing risk: comparative tables of European High Yield, Convertible and Cross Over Bonds issuers’ ratings with recovery per debt seniority ranking and refinancing risks.
  • Rating Benchmark: we compare the average global public corporate ratings (Moody’s, S&P) with our corporate ratings of European High Yield, Convertible and Cross Over Bonds issuers.
Fundamental Analysis – Spread Research’s core expertise
  • Credit Report: our in-depth credit opinions and key credit drivers on the companies that we follow.
  • Rating Reports: unsolicited Rating report, updated annually on a universe of 50 companies.
  • New Issue Comments: for new issues of companies within our coverage universe.
  • Primary Market Snapshot: for new issues of companies not included in our coverage.